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Padres trade rumor: White Sox showing serious interest in James Shields

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The American League Central Division-leading Chicago White Sox are currently in talks with the Padres in an attempt to acquire workhorse starter James Shields. The veteran right-hander is in the second year of a four-year contract worth $75 million, and it makes less than good sense for a team whose best case scenario is a fourth-place finish to keep that salary obligation aboard, especially when the player in question has the right to opt-out after this season.

In addition to getting at least a good bit of the money due to Shields off the books, and having one less competent starter to get in the way of fully embracing the tank, there is also the issue of the talent the Friars will receive in return. The most optimistic whispers have the White Sox willing to part with 2013 first-rounder Tim Anderson, a major league-ready shortstop who has been raking for the AAA Charlotte Knights. While the Padres have a stockpile of shortstop prospects, you can never have too many, plus Anderson could also be a fit in center field.

While Dennis Lin has characterized talks as having energy, much more is yet to be revealed. We'll have more information for you here when it becomes available.