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Padres TV broadcast scores three highest rated games of the season

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Fox Sports San Diego kicked off the weekend with their highest ratings of the season. Then with each passing day they increased, climaxing with their biggest numbers during the 17 inning Sunday game. The highest ratings peaked at 6.7 HH (probably during the Umpire nut shot) but overall did 4.79 HH. That's 50,536 HH impressions.

Honestly I don't understand TV ratings that well, but I think that means that 50 thousand house holds tuned in at some point during Sunday's game. I credit FSSD broadcaster upgrades, including Don Orsillo who probably brings in Red Sox fans from far and wide. Also Julie Alexandria on the sidelines who I prefer over her predecessor who just never really connected with the San Diego fan base. There were probably butt loads of Dodger fans that tuned in too.

Friday's game pulled 4.00 HHs and 42,201 impressions. Saturday had 4.58 HHs and 48,320 impressions. I'm impressed, though I was not part of the influx of viewers since I canceled cable, but I had a good time regardless listening to the games.