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Uni Watch seeks the Padres' signature uniform

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch asks the age old question: What's the Padres signature uniform? We both agree it's the 1980-1984 uniforms. Where we differ is he doesn't actually like them the most. I was a little surprised to see that the 72-73 all gold uniforms are some of his all-time favorites. I like them too, but they contain more gold than Fort Knox.

What’s Your Sign(ature) – San Diego Padres | Uni Watch

Nothing will ever approach the greatness of the 1978 one-year beauty, or the timeless elegance (and signature) uni of 1980-84, but at least the return to brown in 2016 can bring the fans hope that good things are on the horizon, uni-wise, for the future.

He's got a great breakdown of the organizations uniform history and it makes me yearn for the Padres of my youth. It's a must read, even though I admittedly skimmed through the dark times in the 2000's. I used to think the inaugural 1969 uniforms were a little too plain Jane, but I'm really coming around on them now. At the risk of triggering an Anchorman response, they just look so darn classy. They have the clean simplicity that the current uniforms are trying to go for but they don't miss the mark. What can I say? I love the classics.

Oh and speaking of Padre-esque uniforms, check out the socks being used during the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. Sock game is strong and part of the reason is because Stance is now the official sock of the MLB.