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Now Christian Bethancourt ISN'T starting in RF for the Padres; Jose Pirela is instead

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Wow, this has been a weird span of less than an hour concerning the one position that usually requires the least thought for Padres fans. Ordinarily, Matt Kemp is starting in right field and that's that. However, today was quite the different story as the original lineup posted by the Padres included Christian Bethancourt starting in Kemp's place. Yes, the Christian Bethancourt who has not played a single inning of his professional career anywhere other than behind the plate. That was amended shortly thereafter to substitute Jose Pirela, who actually has experience manning the outfield corners.

As reported by the Union-Tribune's Dennis Lin, manager Andy Green changed his mind after seeing Bethancourt take fly balls in right field. Why he didn't have him take fly balls in right field before writing him into a starting lineup in that position is beyond me, but I guess at least he realized in time. I don't know; I'm honestly still confused by this whole episode.