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Dick Enberg talks dirty on Padres broadcast

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Dick Enberg is a multi-sport Hall of Fame broadcaster and an octogenarian. Still he doesn't miss an opportunity to make a risque joke when it's lobbed in his direction.  I don't have cable any longer, but from what I can tell Enberg and Mark Grant were finishing up a segment on Padres fan's pets, as you would do.  When a fat feline was shown, Enberg quipped alliteratively, "That's a plump pussy right there."

That was followed by a full awkward 10 seconds of broadcast silence, where I assume they both hit their cough buttons and giggled uncontrollably.

Twitter was quick to jump all over it.  Enberg is no stranger to saying things that make a viewer's skin crawl.  He'll drop a "hubba, hubba" on female fans in crowd shots regularly.  It's filthy.

In 2013 Enberg and Grant talked about wiener hats on a pair of girls which led Enberg's mind straight to the gutter.  I feel like now that everyone has agreed they prefer the hi-jinx of Grant and Don Orsillo that he's going to just let stuff like this fly until his retirement in order to compete.