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Giants 5, Padres 1: Bumgarner gets catty while thrashing Friars

What pitcher gets upset after a strikeout?

MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres
He looked at me the wrong way!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the Padres have fallen to a Giants team lead by Madison Bumgarner. Bum struck out eleven Friars while allowing one run on five hits. Colin Rea, on the other hand, struggled through five innings. His line doesn't show it, but it looked like he might even make it that far.

The trouble started in the top of the second when Brandon Belt hit a leadoff double. Hunter Pence followed up with a single. Matt Kemp played it well enough to hold Belt at third, but that didn't really matter. Brandon Crawford went yard off Rea to put the Giants up 3-0. Rea bounced back to throw three more scoreless innings but that would have been enough to beat the Padres tonight.

There was no more scoring until the sixth, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any noise. For no discernible reason, Bumgarner had some nasty words for Wil Myers after striking him out to end the third. The benches cleared, but Rougned Odor was nowhere to be found, so no punches were thrown.

The Giants picked up two more runs off the bullpen. The first came in the sixth off Carlos Villanueva, and the second off Tayron Guerrero in the eighth to spoil his major league debut. The Padres finally got to Bumgarner in the ninth when Kemp led off the inning by hitting a moonshot to the top floor of the Western Metal Building. That kept the team from being shut out, so yay for pyrrhic victories.

Drew Pomeranz will try to even the series at 7:10 tomorrow evening.