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The Best Baseball Movie of All Time: A Definitive Answer

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The topic continues to come up from time to time, especially lately.  It did once again Tuesday based on a discussion on Padres Social Hour.

That got me thinking.  What is the best way to determine the Best Baseball Movie of All Time?  Well since we are talking about a movie let's use the same process the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does in determining the Best Picture every year.  We, members of Gaslamp Ball will be playing the role of members of the Academy.

Here's how it works.  Pick and rank your favorite 10 baseball films.  Do so in the comments over the course of the next 5 days.  When ranking them please make a "list" using the enter key.  Please don't number them, but put them in order with your favorite at the top.  This will help me when I put them in a spreadsheet using the Academy's crazy ass system in determining the nominees.  I'll get y'all started with my top 10:

The Natural

Field of Dreams

Bull Durham

Major League

Bad News Bears

The Fan

A League of Their Own

The Sandlot


The Kid From Left Field

Next week after we have the list we will start the voting!