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Brewers can't contain Padres' back-to-back jack attacks

It took 12 innings, 8 pitchers, and 4 home runs, but the Friars emerged victorious.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The Padres caught a few breaks today, and had plenty of scares. But, after tonight's 12-inning 8-7 win, the Padres have jumped a peg out of last place. They split the series against Milwaukee, and put on a good show while doing it.

Luis Perdomo got the opportunity to throw in a starter role tonight, and went for about 61 pitches. That's about as long as he was fitted to go, and was pulled after two innings to be substituted by Brad Hand. Get used to relief pitching, because the the night was full of it.

Brad Hand lasted the longest tonight, throwing a good 4-inning chunk, and giving up no runs while striking out five. Then, Kevin Quackenbush followed Hand's effort by walking two guys and giving up a run. Ryan Buchter replaced him, walked two guys, and gave up a run. Brandon Maurer finally put in some real relief and struck out Jonathan Villar for out 3. Maurer would still end up giving the Brewers one of their 7 runs for the night.

Fernando Rodney even played a relief role, since he put in his scoreless work in the 9th but the game would end up going to extras. Finally, Leonel Campos interjected the tail end of the crazy relief circus with 2 innings of extra baseball. Campos ended up getting the win tonight, even though Carlos Villanueva puckered every single one of the mentioned above after giving up one last run.

The Milwaukee offense was going hard, but the Padres went harder. Matt Kemp and Melvin Upton Jr. kicked things off with an RBI single and double in the first. Then, in the third, Kemp collected another RBI, this time with a double, with Alexei Ramirez adding onto that go-ahead run with an RBI-single.

Kemp's RBI double

Skip ahead to the fifth inning, and you'll get to see Matt Kemp scoring again with a solo HR, just after Wil Myers for some back-to-back action. That was the last chance they would have to terrorize Wily Peralta, as they padded a cushy 6-2 lead.

Myers, Kemp go back-to-back

It's worth noting that Myers would eventually leave the game due to an unknown leg injury. The fears of yet another hamstring-related nightmare was filling everybody's heads. Luckily..

Myers mentioned that he's "good to play" as soon as tomorrow, so praise be to the baseball gods.

Since the Brewers decided they wanted to extend their loss by tying up the game in the bottom of the 8th off Maurer, the Padres saved some theatrics for the late-night 12th inning. Derek Norris embodied the casual comparisons of him to the Hulk and smashed the go-ahead solo HR with two outs.

As great as that was, thankfully Upton Jr. followed that up immediately with a home run of his own, as that would end up being the run that decided the game.

Upton Jr.'s more-than-just-insurance home run

The Padres win.

The timing of the win is a bit unfortunate, though, as apparently Andy Green had some fun in store if the game went on any longer:

With that, the series is split and the Padres maintain a weirdly close relationship with first place potential. Tomorrow, Cesar Vargas will show us just how stone-faced he can be after this shot to redeem a not-so-great start against the Cubs. Game time will be at 11:10 in the morning.

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