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Friars can't muster anything up on a Friday

A petty 0-1 shutout negates a strong pitching effort.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The question of how the new Friar Christian Friedrich would fare has been answered. Friedy did great. Unfortunately, he got a cold welcome from the rest of the team, who failed to support him in the slightest. Despite his good stuff, Friedrich and his team couldn't seal a fourth-straight win.

Christian debuted today in a Padres uniform and represented proudly. He threw for 6 innings on his very first MLB appearance since 2014, and only gave up 4 hits and struck out 4 in the process. He gave up a single run, yet, it wasn't off a hit. A sacrifice fly would be the only run of the game, in what could be considered one of the most boring losses for a San Diego starter debut.

The Friar offense was a dead dud. Only three hits were made, and not a one resulted in true offensive production. The last few games have been low-scoring for the Pads, but they can't expect to walk away with a win when being frugal. 0 runs is a bit beyond frugal

The Padres offense will get an opportunity to back up a starting rotation backup, as Luis Perdomo takes the mound for the Saturday night game.

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