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Drew Pomeranz shuts down Cubs as Padres take the series

With a 1-0 shutout and double-header sweep, the Friars take 2 out of 3 against the Cubbies.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's 7-8 loss saw both the Cubs and Padres turned up. The difference today was that the Padres didn't turn it down. After losing a game where they threw a grand slam at a heavy Cubs lead, the boys bounced back and won two in a row off their double-header including the postponed game from Monday.

The win on the tail end of the day was chalked up to one thing: complete domination from Drew Pomeranz (and some great support from the bullpen and Christian Bethancourt.)

Pomeranz strikes out 10 over six scoreless

But six full innings of 0 run, 3 hit, 10 strikeout baseball will lead you to victory almost any day. Pomeranz ended the night throwing a hearty 101 pitches and set up the rest of the game for Kevin Quackenbush, Brad Hand, and Fernando Rodney to shut things out entirely for the late night Chicago crowd.

Keeping in the theme of tens, Rodney earned his 10th save on a full-count underhand toss to Wil Myers after coaxing a weak grounder from Ben Zobrist.

Rodney retires Zobrist, earns 10th save

Rodney's arrow went in the opposite direction of where Bethancourt decimated his solo HR, the only run of the game. There's usually an exaggerated emphasis on home runs when being described, but this one was utterly crushed in every sense of the word.

Cubs fans hated it, but Nuveen loved it

That home run was all it took to earn the W against 2016's best. The double-header W means that the Padres were the very first team to give the Cubs a series loss. Partially because baseball is weird like that, but mostly because the Padres played hard as hell in Wrigley and didn't lay off the gas.

The Friars will head over to Milwaukee tomorrow to play one of the handful of Thursday night games. James Shields is going up against Jimmy Nelson, with almost identical season performances.

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