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TFHS Closer Look: 2016 Memorial Day Cap

Let's check out the latest Memorial Day offering for our Padres this year.

A special cap for Memorial Day is nothing new in Major League Baseball. After camouflage found its way into an on-field cap for the 2012 Stars and Stripes cap which was also worn on Memorial Day, the holiday of remembrance earned its own cap in 2013 and has seen multiple iterations since then.

The camouflage theme utilized since 2013 has been the Marine Corps' MARPAT Desert Digital pattern. The light sand color with different splotches of brown has seen action on a baseball diamond in varying degrees for the past 3 years for all baseball teams. Of course, our Padres have been wearing the sand camo in their uniforms since 2011. This year signaled a slight change away from the sand-colored block design:

What you see is the Marine Corps MARPAT Forest pattern, which isn't much of a deviation other than in color.

Green, brown, black and olive green take over the digital pattern. The interlocking SD is black with a copper border. The eyelets are also black. The squatcho matches the camouflage design.

The MLB Batterman is also black with a copper interior.

The underbrim is a fashion gray, which is interesting for this year's special events caps. It seems like MLB is moving away from the standard black underbrims to a throwback gray. I'm guessing this was meant to drive sales through "style". I'm otherwise indifferent; I have to get the cap anyway (or else there would be no article). You'll also see the official Marine Corps sticker along with the Authentic sticker.

Another neat little detail is the inclusion of the EGA insignia inside the camouflage design, just like in the real camouflage our Marines wear. I don't know if this is the first time this has occurred; this little emblem doesn't appear in every cap nor does it occur in the past versions of the Memorial Day caps (at least, in the examples I own). It's merely a neat little detail for collectors.

What do you think? Better than the sand digital design? Still not really digging the camouflage at all? Let's talk caps!