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Kershaw single-handedly blocks the Padres' broom

Pomeranz takes the 1-0 loss on behalf of the team.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

All things considered, sweep wasn't that much to ask for. Maybe a bit much going up against Clayton Kershaw. The lineup couldn't solve that puzzle, but Drew Pomeranz gave the Friars every chance in the world.

In the month of April, Drew kept his ERA sub-3 and threw no less than 6 innings, providing a 4-hit shutout against the Pirates. For his first start of May, Pomz straight dealt for seven innings against the Dodgers. He struck out 5 and only allowed 3 hits. In an awful irony, one of those hits ended up being an RBI by Kershaw. The only run of the game.

Pomeranz goes seven strong

There's not much to report about the Padres' offense, when three hits was also all that the Pads mustered up. Those hits came from Wil Myers, Alexei Ramirez, and Matt Kemp. Kempy had himself a run-saving catch while fighting the middle-of-the-day sun into the warning track and against the wall.

Kemp's catch at the wall

Unfortunately, the damage of one entire run couldn't be undone, and the Padres take the L for the final game of the series. Still, they outscored the Dodgers 10-4, took the series, and will hop on the I-5 and fend off the Rockies at home. James Shields will look for his first win of May, and of the 2016 season.

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