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The Padres are addicted to runs

And wins. Runs and wins.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It's nothing but good times in the Rocky Mountains. The latest reality of the Padres is that we love scoring runs. Lots and lots of runs. Enough runs to feed a family of 9, and to earn back-to-back wins for the boys in navy blue, white, and gold.

San Diego - 16

Colorado - 3

Yet, there's an additional happy part of today's story. Drew Pomeranz has returned to Colorado, this time throwing against his former team. And he threw well. Drew went a healthy 5 innings, giving up only 4 hits and 2 earned runs as a result of a sacrifice fly and a wild pitch. Completely avoidable, but it's more worth noting that he sat down 7 Rockies with K's.

This is good news, considering the gut punch of Tyson Ross' transfer to the disabled list due to shoulder inflammation. Pomz has certainly earned his spot in a rotation trying to plant its feet more firmly onto the ground.

Now, if you thought the offense last night was a treat, you're going to love this recap of the events that unfolded today. To get the ugly out of the way, Yangervis Solarte was removed due to an injury to his hammy (is that the scientific term for it?), but not before getting a hit and an RBI.

Jon Jay, Melvin Upton Jr., Solarte-replacement Adam Rosales, Wil Myers and Derek Norris, provided a huge bulk of offense today. Each of them had 2 hits for the day and accounted for 5 of the 16 runs for the day. Matt Kemp remained relentless, powering through going 3-5 with 2 homers and a whopping 6 RBI's.

Cory Spangenberg, although only having a recorded a 1-4 day, pulled through with 4 RBI's due to his 3-run blast and reaching on an error to let Norris score. Heck, even Pomeranz had himself a hit, and Jabari Blash smashed out his first Padres hit. It's safe to say the rust has been shaken and the cobwebs have come off.

Oh, and Myers just wanted to cap the night off with a home run of his own.

Seriously, what an avalanche of baseball happiness. let's look at some nice numbers and records:

  • 29 runs, 37 hits, 6 home runs.
  • Averaging 5.8 runs a game. Team batting average at .267.
  • Bill Center tweets out: Padres hitters were 11-for-92 (.120) in record 3 straight shutouts to open season. They are 37-for-88 (.420) in last 2 games.
  • Most runs scored in Padres history in a two-game span.
  • Dennis Lin tweets out: This is the first time since 2010 the Padres have scored 16 runs in a game.

Every single way you want to cut it, these past 5 games have been depressing, humiliating, hilarious, out-of-control, elating, redeeming, and ultimately San Diegan.

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