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River of Padres runs pour out of the Rocky Mountains today


Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Now that everybody is collectively over the scoreless streak stats, it's time to start comparing today's offensive effort to efforts around the league in a good way. The San Diego Padres have scored their first run. They've scored their first 13 runs of the season. That puts us above a few teams in terms of runs scored. Teams with winning records.

And hey, it might have taken 3 L's and 30-innings to get to this perfectly normal status of having scored a run, but whatever gets the conversation moving away from that Fiesta Island dumpster fire of an Opening Series and moving towards some watchable, fun, Padres baseball. Let's dig in.

Colin Rea

To simmer things down just a bit before we get too hype; the day wasn't all great. Four-spot Colin Rea found himself lit up just as much as the Rockies' Jordan Lyles. Both pitchers went just over 3 innings, giving up 5 earned runs.

Rea allowed an RBI-single and a 2-run HR to Trevor Story, and an RBI-double and single to Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon. The wound sealed up pretty quickly, though, after a fantastic relief effort from Robbie Erlin (1 H, 0 ER, 2 K), followed by Kevin Quackenbush and Ryan Buchter notched the first Friar win of 2016.

Now to the good part.

The lineup was straight up popping off today. Six players with multi-hit days, 18 hits total, 5 walks and 7 strikeouts. "Relaxed" was the keyword from Andy Green, "relief" was another way to put it. Sweet release.

Jon Jay

Our leadoff boy of 2016 went 2-5 today with a walk. He also drove in that satisfying first run in the fourth inning.

Enjoy it, and let it erase your memory of the previous 3 days of baseball like a MLB Neuralyzer.

Cory Spangenberg

Spangy also came through swinging, going 2-5 with 2-RBI's to Jay's 1. He also drilled a triple into right-center field to give us our first lead of the season. (Lotta firsts today.)

The Friars never looked back after this smack in the fourth.

Matt Kemp

Like a bull in a cage, Kemp was destroying the baseball, boosting his already fantastic Coors Field history. His .341, 17 HR, 23-RBI Denver stat sheet was boosted today after going 4-6, driving in 4 of the 13 San Diego run before taking a rest at the end of the day.

His home run was the first of the season, and it was a beast. His final hit was a neat little RBI-single, and piled things on for the good guys. First cycle for the Pads in Colorado, first HR of the season for the Pads: firsts are popular with the Kemp.

Wil Myers was also firing off and went 3-5 on three singles and a walk. Yangervis Solarte was the RBI champ today, going 3-5 and represented 4 of the Padres' 13 runs. He banged out a hard double to the warning track to extend the Friar lead to 6-2.

Melvin Upton Jr. put a blue and yellow wax stamp on the day with an absolute laser HR into the upper left-field bleachers. A fully-extended no-doubter.

Thirteen runs later, the team is finally helping fans keep the TV and radios turned on and tuned in. The Padres are officially 1-0 in games played in 2016 after having played a series in Petco Park. The Dodgers are 0-1.

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