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OMG, you guys, the Padres finally scored

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

After becoming the first team in major league history to be shut out in their first three games of a season, and 30 full innings without a run, the Padres finally managed to put a runner across home plate. In the fourth inning of their first road game of the year, Melvin Upton, Jr. ran his way into becoming the answer to a trivia question.

Down 2-0 in the game and 27-0 on the season, Upton singled for his first hit of the season, then stole second base. Following a four-pitch walk to pitcher Colin Rea, center fielder Jon Jay singled up the middle to bring him home. And since when it rains it pours, second baseman Cory Spangenberg followed up with a two-run triple to give San Diego their first lead of the year. Now, if only they can hold on to that lead, we can witness another positive first too long in the making... but I'll try not to get ahead of myself.