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Padres Cap Tournament: Modern Quarterfinal 2

Which cap will prevail in the next quarterfinal matchup?

Welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Padres Cap Tournament!

So I'm a day late. I know, it's been rough being a Padres fan lately. I even wrote something about my feelings on the subject. I know it's tough now, but I implore you to keep the faith.

Anyway, you know the drill by now. Here's the results of the last match:

Wow, check out that margin of victory. In a well-fought contest, the 1973 Home moves on as the best split-panel cap in the Historic Bracket.

Let's turn our attention to the Modern Bracket for this match:

This contest will decide who will face off against the seemingly unstoppable 2016 Alternate. Let's look at our contestants:

2016 All-Star Commemorative - Navy/White/Yellow

The long-awaited update to the Padres' headwear, this cap adds sunshine yellow to the navy/white palette. Accurate to the on-field version for this year, this cap includes the 2016 All-Star Game patch on the side. The 2nd overall seed had a field day against its first opponent, easily overtaking the 2004 Alternate cap with 3/4 of the vote.

And the challenger:

2007 Sunday Alternate - Forest Green/Sand

San Diego began honoring its military tradition with a unique cap to match its camouflaged uniforms. The first iteration of the cap was this forest green/sand version.Though only garnering a 6th seed overall, this cap overcame its wild card challenger in a tight battle.

Once again, this battle is in your hands! Which cap will prevail? Will the 2016 Home breeze past the forest green to a battle with its alternate? Will a surprise upset send the 2007 Alternate to its toughest challenge? It's all up to you!

Get those votes in before Sunday, April 10th!

Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day to participate in our tournament!