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Baseball Is Life

So the straights seem dire. Is it worth keeping the faith? It sure is.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Don't consider this a counterpoint to Darklighter's recap on the latest drubbing to the Dodgers; rather, this is a companion to help you think of the lighter side.

So yeah, we've set some pretty ugly records during this opening series. Hell, we've played some pretty terrible baseball so far. It's no fun to watch, it's no fun to be associated with, it's just plain no fun to be a Padres fan right now.

Is it really the darkest before the dawn? Maybe. It could get worse. It might get worse. But is it really the end? No.

There's still so much more baseball to look forward to. So we had a really bad showing against a division rival. We could go on and absolutely destroy the Rockies next series. We could still replicate last year's 10-5 start, for all we know. That's baseball.

If anything, I've always seen pain as an indicator of progress. Yeah, I'm one of those who has a nifty little cliche saying to carry themselves through a rough spot. Diamonds don't become diamonds from nothing; they form via intense pressure over time. Even an arrow has to be pulled back before it's fired from Fernando Rodney's bow into a target. Life's like a video game sometimes: once things get real difficult, it just means you're about to level up. You get the idea.

Pain is a great reminder that you're alive. You feel because you're alive, and that means that if you're capable of feeling this kind of sadness, imagine what kind of joy you'll feel when we absolutely kick the crap out of the Dodgers next time. And even if we don't get that opportunity, we'll still see them flop in the playoffs against the Pirates or the Cubs, and that'll still be hilarious.

So what does all that rhetoric mean? Maybe we're just getting the real terrible stuff out of the way early. Maybe this sort of embarrassment is exactly what the clubhouse needs to catalyze into a lovable ragtag bunch that goes out and starts winning games. There's still 159 games to play. 159! Could it get worse? Absolutely. Could it get better? Absolutely!

We still have the amateur draft to look forward to. There's still the international signings, as well. We have Spring Training standouts that could see playing time this year and show us a glimpse of the youth movement Preller has been assembling.

When you really think about it, we're Padres fans. We're conditioned to this existence already, so it seems all too easy to buy into the pity party and mourn a season that's barely kicked off. Still, I implore you to KEEP THE FAITH. Imagine how sweet it'll be when we get a win. At least, imagine the relief you'll feel when we get that win. I still think about the day our Padres win the Series. I've told everyone around me that when that day happens they should just put my face on a milk carton, because I'll be missing for a good 2 weeks soaking up the jubilation in San Diego.

Keep the faith, friends. It could suck harder, but it could just as easily suck a lot less. Besides, did you see the new uniforms? Pretty sweet.