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Padres Cap Tournament: Historic Quarterfinal 1

It's time for the long-awaited battle of the split-panels!

Happy Opening Day, everyone! It's time to ring in the new season for our Padres as they take on the hated Dodgers in Petco Park. I'm hoping for a auspicious start and a series win (or a sweep!) to start off the season.

Meanwhile, a big matchup is brewing in our Padres Cap Tournament. It's the battle of the split-panels!

First things first, let's check out the last quarterfinal standings:

As expected by many, the 2016 Brown Alternate steamrolled the 2004 Navy, securing itself a spot in the semifinal.

Here's what's brewing over in the Historic Bracket:

Definitely some intrigue in the quarterfinals here, as well as what could transpire in the semifinal.

:Let's check out the caps for this monumental matchup:

1973 Cap - Brown/Gold Split Panel

A classic Padres design, the split-panel "bell" cap lasted twice as long as its predecessors. Its influence can be felt in the new modern alternate cap. The Padres hosted their first All-Star Game wearing this cap. This cap emerged as the #1 seed overall in the Historic Bracket easily.

And its successor turned challenger:

1980 Cap - Brown/Gold/Orange Split Panel

Tony Gwynn donned this cap in his MLB debut. This update on the split-panel design added orange piping and accents to the classic Padres design. This cap saw use in the Padres' first World Series appearance. After a controversial vote and subsequent recount, the 1980 cap defeated the 1991 Home in the first round.

Their fates are once again left to you, the voter! Which cap will emerge as the best split-panel cap in the Historic Bracket? Will the 1973 Home prove that simpler is better and knock out the garish orange-piped cap? Will the 1980 Home prove that more colors make for a better cap? Weigh in and decide! As always, feel free to state your case in the comments!

Place your vote before April 6th @ 8 pm!

Thank you once again for your vote and participation!