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Quiz: Padres Opening Day starting pitchers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Ross will be starting the first game of the Padres' season tomorrow, unless we all get hit by a meteor or something. It will be his first Opening Day start... you know, if the whole meteor thing doesn't happen. Prior to him, 28 different pitchers have made Opening Day starts for the Padres in the 47 years they've been a major league franchise.

This quiz gives you five minutes to identify those 28 starting pitchers. As a clue, I've included which year or years each guy had the honor. Last names are all that are needed, and you don't even have to spell those right; I wrote almost every conceivable misspelling of each surname into the guts of the quiz, so if you have the right idea you should get credit. Once you're finished, log your results in the poll provided below, and be sure to use spoiler bars over any names in your comments.