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Quiz: Name the Padres 25-man roster in 5 minutes!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Can you name the entire 25 man roster for the Padres?  It's just been released this morning.  Let's take a quiz to find out.  Hell, you can look at the front page of Gaslamp Ball and probably be able to cheat your way to a 100% on this quiz.  Basically all the answers are there if you know where to look, but this is for the people, like me, that haven't really absorbed the 25 man roster as a whole.  Plus I guarantee I'll miss most of the bullpen because I never think about them as individuals, they're just a group of interchangeable cloned bearded guys.

Make note that there is kind of a trick question, because one of the guys currently on the 25 man roster is expected to be DFA'd by tomorrow and another will be added to replace him.  The guy who will be on the roster by tomorrow is on the quiz.  Got it?  Good.

Feel free to discuss your answers in the comments, but use the spoiler button so as not to reveal the answers to those who haven't taken it yet.