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Scratching and clawing for the tough L

The Friars put up a good fight for a 4-5 loss against a Bum.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Pads hit the road and, unfortunately, couldn't take their sign-stealing security guard with them. Apparently the Coke bottle slide isn't the best of spots for a stable view with your binoculars. Regardless, the 6-game road trip up and down the coast begins.

San Francisco is throwing their best this series, and the first match-up is Drew Pomeranz head-to-head with Madison Bumgarner. Pomz is coming off an awesome 6 inning, no run, 10 strikeout game against the Pirates. He finished up his night giving only about 4-innings worth of pitching, and was credited with 3 earned runs, striking out 6 - the result of an RBI-single, RBI- double, and solo HR.

Melvin Upton Jr. apparently was extra warmed up today, and was trying to gun down every base-runner who dared to turn first base. Matt Duffy decided he was going to test that tonight, and was caught far ahead of the bag on a strike thrown by Melvin, as Jr. took the time to roll some dice and let Duffy know who he was running on.

Things were neck and neck all up until the 7th, when the Giants piled on with a sac fly and second solo HR. Jon Jay's RBI-single and Derek Norris' RBI-double were the only thing keeping the Pads in the game, as the Padres bullpen continued to crumble a bit for the third-straight game. Matt Kemp nearly went yard to straight-center field, but ended the AB with a tease and a catch from Denard Span against the wall. That close to a juicy three-run lead.

Norris' RBI double

The Friars needed it going into the 8th, still down by three. A pair of clutch hits from Alexei Ramirez and Brett Wallace clawed the Padres back into contention. Before the Pads could tie things up, with runners on second and third, pinch-hitting Jose Pirela would strike out on 4 pitches, falling for the curve.

Wallace's RBI single

The ninth got fun for a bit when Matt Kemp got on after breaking his bat fora bloop single. But a weak ground out to second and two K's looking. That won't win ballgames, and it didn't win this one. A 4-5 final ain't bad, but let's get a real W tomorrow.

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