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Were the Padres stealing signs? Probably not.

It's been suggested that perhaps the Padres were using a man hidden in the batter's eye to steal signs from Yadier Molina and the Cardinals.  The theory arose yesterday at the end of the game when Molina pointed out the "man in white" peeking through an open slot in the batter's eye.  The man was outfitted with a pair of binoculars, a Padres logo'd shirt and a radio.  All the things a sign stealer could possibly need to complete his nefarious works.  When he was spotted by the eagle eyed catcher and umpire, he ducked back into the shadows.

Were the Padres stealing signs in the ninth inning Sunday against the Cardinals? -

I don't know if mysterious Padres guy was stealing signings Sunday. It sure seems pretty interesting the guy left his post after Molina pointed him out to the umpire, however.

As far as I know the Padres haven't yet commented on the story that seems to be building steam.  I'd like to be on board with this theory of clandestine cheating, however, if I remember correctly the Padres main security hub in the ballpark is located inside the batter's eye.  That's where they have all of their equipment and the staff that searches out and directs security/police to problem areas of the ballpark.  The height of the batter's eye acts as a crow's nest.  When a fight breaks out, they spot it there first and send reinforcements.  I believe that's all we were seeing in yesterday's game.


And I was right, it was team security.  Nothing to see here, move along.