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Padres Cap Tournament: Historic Semifinal

Split-panel or plain brown? Let's decide the best use of brown and gold.

Welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Padres Cap Tournament!

Looks like the tournament is only two rounds away from its conclusion. I hope you guys have had as much fun as I've had in choosing the best cap in Padres history. Part of me is bummed that it'll soon be over, part of me is glad we're going to find out which cap is truly best. It's a cathartic exercise.

Alright, let's look at this Historic Bracket:

Due to the shenanigans involved with the voting that involved the '48 cap, I asked commenters to note which cap they chose. After meeting with a few other voters, the '69 gets the nod as a semifinalist.

Let's get to it, shall we?

1973 Cap - Brown/Gold Split-Panel

A classic Padres design, the split-panel "bell" cap lasted twice as long as its predecessors. Its influence can be felt in the new modern alternate cap. The Padres hosted their first All-Star Game wearing this cap. This cap emerged as the #1 seed overall in the Historic Bracket easily and went on to defeat its 1980 successor in the quarterfinal.

And the challenger!

1969 Cap - Brown/Gold

The cap that started it all, this cap debuted with the Padres induction into Major League Baseball in 1969. It remains a popular cap due to its simplicity and clean looks. The 2nd overall seeded 1969 Cap easily defeated the 1985 Brown/Orange in the preliminary round and got the benefit of some shady voting to overcome the '48 cap.

And now it is up to you once again: which cap will go on to the vaunted final match? Will the split-paneled '73 defeat the plain-faced brown cap? Will the clean looks of the inaugural 1969 Padres cap overcome the "taco" '73? The power is in your hands!

Let's hear your verdict in the comments. Which brown truly is best?

Place your vote before Monday, April 25th @ 8 PM!

Thank you for stopping by and voting!