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Pirates 11, Padres 1: Leonel Campos has a 135 ERA

No, there's not a decimal point missing.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If you were looking for some sort of good news after a day full of bad news, move right along. There is no good news here. The best news is that James Shields went six innings and only gave up three runs, but it wasn't exactly the kind of outing you get thrilled by. The Padres offense went a measly 5-for-31 and failed to draw a single walk. That's still not the truly bad news, though.

The bad news is that Leonel Campos had an appearance so bad it makes a dumpster fire look pleasant in comparison. When he took over for Shields in the seventh, he allowed seven runs (five earned) while only retiring a single batter. In total, fourteen Pirates came to the plate during the inning, which is batting around no matter how you define it (one batter has to come to the plate twice; anyone who says otherwise is wrong). I tuned out the game after that. The Padres did manage to pick up a run in the eighth, so yay, I guess.

Andrew Cashner will try to do something worthwhile tomorrow at 7:40 PM.