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TFHS Closer Look: 2016 Mother's Day Cap

Let's take a look at this year's first special event cap.

In what has slowly evolved into a yearly tradition, MLB has announced new caps for special events and holidays this season. Breaking away from the usual 2 or 3 special caps, Major League Baseball has previewed a whopping 6 different cap styles to be worn by all 30 teams during certain games that fall on holidays or the All-Star Game.

The first cap to be donned by every player for a day is brand new for the season: the Mother's Day cap.

Graphite crown and brim
Pink interlocking SD, eyelets, squatcho and stitching detail

Here's a much better look at all the detail. I especially like the pink stitching detail; without it, the cap simply wouldn't pop like it does here. From a collector's standpoint, pink caps are hard to come by. This particular example would only be the 2nd such cap in my collection.

The MLB Batterman logo gets two shades of pink: the bright pink as shown in the rest of the cap and a soft pink.

Gray underbrims are really coming into vogue for alternate caps in lieu of the standard black. Expect to see more gray unders in upcoming special event caps.

An interesting note for this particular cap is the country of origin. This cap is made in Vietnam. Any difference in feel or design? Not really. At least, nothing you'd notice while you were wearing it. Country of origin is generally a sticking point for cap collectors who prefer the feel of US polyester compared to Chinese poly. There is a difference, though I don't blame you if you can't see or feel it. Personally, I'm a fan of the 'good' principle: if it looks good, feels good and is wearable, it's good.

So what do you think of this new cap? Neat shout out to moms? Unnecessary cash grab by MLB? Let's talk caps.