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More Petco Park signage rumored to be on the way

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Heard a rumor today that there are more changes coming to signage and such in and around Petco Park.  I was having a hard time following, but here's what I think I took from the conversation.

First the physical retired numbers that have been moved to the Main Gate entrance area are going to be swapped out for bigger back lit versions at some point.  They are currently getting quotes, specs and designs from companies and artists around town.

I guess there was also an agreement in place made by the original architect that certain areas of the ballpark couldn't have signage.  I can't imagine where, since there's signage everywhere but apparently the agreement expired, which may explain the player decals on the ballpark walls and the ASG wrapped stairs at the main entrance.

According to our conversation the Padres will be putting up "better" signage for tickets on the SW and SE corners.  There will also be more prevalent Padres logos and signage above the Padres offices.  The light towers will receive signs as well.  Most of these ideas are currently being bid out.  One of the Seidlers was said to have been in on the discussion.