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Bob Scanlan is back as Padres MultiMedia Analyst

Craig Melvin/Getty Images

I was inconsolable at the announcement at the end of last season that long time Padres broadcaster/analyst Bob Scanlan had been replaced and released by the Padres to make room for Don Orsillo on TV and Jesse Agler on radio.  It was said to be a decision from on high in the front office, meaning Mike Dee.

We said goodbye to Scan on Padres Closing Day, unsure if we'd ever see him again.

Well the good news is that Scanman is back with the Padres albeit in a different role.  He's now the Padres' MuliMedia Analyst.  As he says, he'll be typing and talking about the Padres with us again this season.  Even after his explanation I'm little confused as to what the position entails, but I look forward to his content.  Nobody can performs Scanalysis quite like him, take it from someone that's tried.