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Andy Green Gets The Hook

An enraged Green earns his first early exit at home against the Pirates.

This writer does not condone cap violence.
This writer does not condone cap violence.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It was a strange set of events that sent rookie manager Andy Green to an early shower tonight at Petco against the Pirates.

It all started with Colin Rea finding himself in a jam in the third inning with runners on second and third and an out away from walking back to the dugout. Rea was readying himself for the pitch when Andrew McCutchen began to dance around the third base line, startling Rea enough to cause him to twitch during his windup and hop slightly off the rubber. Rea still managed to Carter Capps the pitch to Norris though the umpire immediately signaled a balk.

The umpires then reconvened and decided against their first decision, sending McCutchen back to third base after his trot home. Clint Hurdle of the Pirates then emerged and gave the umps some gum-laden lip service, leading the umpires to re-reverse the decision and call the balk.

Andy Green would have none of it.

Andy then laid into crew chief Brian Gorman, arguing against the insanity of reversing a call twice. Confused by the sound logic of Green's reasoning, Gorman found no other option then to eject the heated manager. Andy then engaged in some cap violence and got his money's worth, laying into the umpiring crew with a tirade so vicious that Mark McGwire had to hold him back, bro.

The ejection proved fruitful as the Padres went on to beat the Bucs 5-4.