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Padres Cap Tournament: Modern Semifinal

It's time to decide which Modern cap is the best. The battle of 2016 is on!

Welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Padres Cap Tournament!

I know some of us could use a distraction from Padres baseball on a day off. It's been tough to watch our Pads endure series losses, especially against division rivals. I'll take a bit of good (Melvin Upton Jr. walkoff) with the bad (4-9 record). The season is still young and there's still tons of baseball left. Keep the faith.

Let's check out the Modern Bracket and see who's left standing:

It appears that the 2016 caps have completely won out the Modern Bracket, which is telling of the cap/uniform choices our Padres have made these last 16 years. Many of us have been clamoring for a change in uniforms for years. It appears those changes (for the caps, at least) have been well received as indicated in our bracket above.

Now, let's find out which new cap is better. Here are the caps submitted for your approval:

2016 Friday Alternate - Brown/Gold Split Panel

The return to brown arrives in this clean cap. Taking cues from the 1973 cap, this modern alternate marries both the classic split-panel design with the modern serif'd interlocking SD. A return to brown proved to be a triumph for Padres cap design, with voters sending the #1 seed to the semifinal over the 2004 Home.

And the challenger!

2016 All-Star Commemorative - Navy/White/Yellow

The long-awaited update to the Padres' headwear, this cap adds sunshine yellow to the navy/white palette. Accurate to the on-field version for this year, this cap includes the 2016 All-Star Game patch on the side. The 2nd overall seed did well in its march to the semifinal, taking out both the 2004 Road and 2007 Sunday Alternate easily.

Which cap will emerge the victor in the Modern Bracket? Will the brown continue its streak (pun intended) and completely knock navy out of the tournament? Will the navy/yellow prove to be better than the modern split panel? Weigh in below!

As always, feel free to state your case in the comments.

Get those votes in before Wednesday, April 20th @ 8PM!

Thank you for taking part in this endeavor. I truly appreciate it!