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Padres Cap Tournament: Historic Quarterfinal 2

It's the battle of the oldest caps in the tournament! Navy's last stand in the Historic Bracket!

Welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Padres Cap Tournament!

Yeah, I know. I've taken a few days to get this next round up. Life (and sickness) got in the way of me putting together the next rounds, but I'm back in full swing to see this tournament to the end! Let's dive in.

Here are the results of the last quarterfinal round:

Looks like the 2016 Commemorative cruised to an easy victory. It'll be a battle of the new caps in the next semifinal round!

Let's turn our attention to the task at hand. Here's what the Historic Bracket looks like as of now:

This is definitely going to be a hot matchup. Here are the caps vying for your votes:

1969 Cap - Brown/Gold

The cap that started it all, this cap debuted with the Padres induction into Major League Baseball in 1969. It remains a popular cap due to its simplicity and clean looks. The 2nd overall seeded 1969 Cap easily defeated the 1985 Brown/Orange in the preliminary round.

And our challenger!

1948 Cap - Navy/Red

A modern take on a classic PCL Padres design, this particular cap calls back to the days before our Padres were an MLB team and resided in the Pacific Coast League. While the Padres of yore went through several colorway changes (black/white, red/white, black/orange to name a few), the navy/white/red was the colorway referenced in a Turn Back The Clock design worn on-field a few years back. This cap exemplifies what such colorway would look like in the context of a modern cap. This divisive wild-card cap surprisingly took the win over the 1971 Road cap in the opening Historic round.

So which cap will take the win and move on to face the #1 seed in the Historic Semifinal? Will the 1969 Brown/Gold prove that brown is undoubtedly better than navy? Will the upstart navy/red build on its shocking win over the 1971 Gold/Brown? You select the winner!

Make your pick before Saturday, April 16th @ 8 PM!

As always, state your case in the comments! Thank you once again for your participation in our tournament!