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Special Events Caps And Jerseys

MLB announces all the new looks for the holiday games this year.

I woke up rather abruptly to see that MLB has officially dropped images for the event uniforms and caps this year. I had already seen (and tweeted) some leaked images of the goods, but there are some definite surprises in the official drops. Let's take a look, shall we?

Here are all the Padres caps announced for this year. Chris Creamer over at did an exemplary job of compiling all the images, so credit to him for the following content:

Here's all the caps you'll be seeing on our Padres heads during the holiday games this season. We'll dive into a few of them so I can give you a heads-up on some features I see.

The most obvious looker of the group is this year's Home Run Derby Cap:

It looks like an image from MLB: The Show that hit Twitter a while back came to fruition. The Home Run derby caps and uniforms are a straight throwback to the 1980-1984 colorway set with the brown/gold/orange taking center stage. Here's the most interesting part of the uniforms and caps...

It looks like each team's cap will be done with the Padres font. Also, check out those uniforms. Pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.

Another note on the caps: The left side will feature the ASG logo patch, while the right side will feature a team logo like you see on the Yankees cap above.

The cap accompanying this Home Run Derby cap is the ASG cap.

Definitely not what I was expecting to see this year, but not a bad look nonetheless. Here's what I take note of: It looks like the visor is spandex, just like this year's NFL Draft cap. It's not a bad material per se; it feels soft to the touch. Also of note are the eyelets: it looks like they're metal stars.

Interestingly enough, the National League will be the away team this year. So, the All-Star Game commemorative jerseys will get a gray hue. It looks like the ASG patch on these caps will be a Chromaflex patch instead of the soft patch currently on the Padres home caps. I'm just hoping we'll get more than one All-Star in this year's game, right?

You can take a look at everyone's uniforms and caps over at Of particular note for the Padres: Since Mother's Day and Father's Day are on Sunday, the Pads are rolling with their navy digital uniforms but with a colorized wordmark according to the holiday.

The Memorial Day uniform is rather par for the course as far as an away uniform goes. The Stars and Stripes is definitely better.

So what do you think? Interesting or just terrible? Let's talk uniforms and caps!