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Rockies home runs clog up the Padres run fountain

A torrent of Colorado home runs led to a 6-3 Padres loss.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the ramped up, record-breaking, seemingly relentless offensive avalanche of the last 2 days, things had to chill. The Padres have proven two things today: They can lose without being shut out, and they can score without needing 10+ runs.

Most of those runs came straight out of James Shields' pocket. Though limiting the Dodgers' cascade of runs in the opening series, Shields couldn't simmer down the ERA more and returned to a more 2015 form. Big Game James clocked his 2,000th inning pitched, but gave up 3 home runs at the same time. Something about Shields is making it awfully easy for the opposition to go deep.

Some defensive gems littered the day. Jon Jay tracked down a sailing fly ball, and Matt Kemp fought the sun and won. Also, if you haven't had time to enjoy Wil Myers at first, he has been killing it lately. Turning double plays, and knocking down balls in the gap.

By the time of Shields departure the Frairs were still in the game. Shields having only given 4 runs, by the end of the 7th, Adam Rosales and Wil Myers had teamed up in the 2nd and 3rd innings with an RBI-double and sac fly.Cory Spangenberg even snuck in an RBI-double to keep it a one-run ballgame.

But when Brandon Maurer came in for the 2-inning relief job, 2 more home runs came with him. 6-4 was the end result, and the Padres notched a lost game, but still a series win.

The Friars head to Philly, where Andrew Cashner will take the mound for his second start, looking for an easy bounce back from the traumatizing opening series.

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