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Jon Jay reels in a catch in deep center field

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Blackmon tried to start the Rockies' day with an extra base hit to center field, but Jon Jay did his best Willie Mays impression to keep him off the basepaths. It was an important save, since Carlos Gonzalez took James Shields deep later in the inning. Blackmon hit it hard and deep, and Jay had to hustle to reel the ball in. Coors Field is no Polo Grounds, but it's a spacious 415 feet from home plate to the center field wall.

Jay's also having a decent day offensively, too. He led off the third inning with a single, went around to third on a single from Cory Spangenberg (with the help of an error by Gerardo Parra), and came home to tie the game on a sacrifice fly from Melvin Upton. They're still tied at five in the fifth, but Jay gets a lot of credit for keeping them in the game.