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Padres putting player decals on walls of Petco Park

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I've been non-stop blogging about the Padres' retired numbers being moved from the top of the batter's eye.  The Padres moved them to the main gate entrance so that they could place a giant Sycuan Casino sign in their place.  They're just finishing up the install of the numbers on the ground and now somewhat unexpectedly they're hanging giant decals of the players on the surrounding walls.  It's like they keep taking a step back and realizing that it's not befitting of a Padres legend so they add more.

It looks pretty good, in the same way that a kid's room does with Fat Head decals all over the walls.  The Padres went to Kevin Faulconer to get buy in.  As Faulconer goes, so goes the city of San Diego.

I wonder how the living players feel about their numbers being pushed aside for an advertisement.  I've been thinking about that for the last several days.  Being relegated to a gate entrance, must feel like a demotion, but it seems that Randy Jones is on board enough to pose with his decal.  Trevor Hoffman has been publicly silent as far as I know.

Now if we could just get Mike Dee to step out of the photos.