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A closer look at Petco Park changes as Opening Day approaches

Our friend Jonny Dub went down to Petco Park yesterday after his kids refused to go to the zoo again. He took some pictures of some of the changes at Petco Park.  He's adamant that the new Sun Deck thing in centerfield is going to obstruct the view of the field for people out in the Park at the Park.  Especially when people are standing on the deck, he doubts fans will be able to see anything but the infield.   CMO Wayne Partello tweeted in December that it would not hinder the view and was built with sight lines in mind.  I'm not sure who to believe.

He also took a picture of the new Padres Ring of Honor, which is barely visible from the Park.  This is where Mike Dee decided to paint the retired numbers after he sold the ad space on top of the batter's eye.

That prominent space on the batter's eye now belongs to Sycuan Casino until 2020, then it goes to the highest bidder again.  Jon knows the decision infuriates me.

What we really need is to call up Hunter Renfoe and have him knock it down with baseballs.

As an obvious afterthought the Padres decided to put the physical retired numbers on the ground near the home plate entrance.

The weird thing is that they don't even appear to be in numerical order.

I can't make sense of how they are arranged.

And I still haven't seen Garvey's retired number, which I'm sure will lead to comments about how it never should have been retired in the first place.