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Cap Tournament: Modern Quarterfinal 1

A number 1 seed awakens to take on an upstart challenger!

Fresh off a game where the Padres and Chihuahuas combine for a hitfest, a number 1-seeded cap finally faces a challenger in Gaslamp Ball's Cap Tournament!

Let's check out the last matchup's results:

This matchup was another tough one for voters, but the gold wins out as the preferred compliment to brown in this match. We'll see another clash of orange vs. gold in the Historic Semifinal.

It's now time for the first Modern Semifinal match! Here's the bracket for the Modern side so far:

Let's reacquaint ourselves with the first overall seed in the Modern Bracket:

2016 Friday Alternate - Brown/Gold Split Panel

The return to brown arrives in this clean cap. Taking cues from the 1973 cap, this modern alternate marries both the classic split-panel design with the modern serif'd interlocking SD. A return to brown proved to be a triumph for Padres cap design, with voters overwhelmingly seeding this cap #1 overall.

And the upstart challenger!

2004 Home - Navy/White

The longest-tenured primary cap in the Padres' catalog (the navy/white/orange eventually became a secondary), this cap marks the beginning of the serif interlocking SD. The navy crown and all white SD logo has been synonymous with San Diego baseball for over 10 years. This cap handily overtook the 2011 Sunday Alternate in the beginning rounds.

Once again, the fate of these two caps is in your hands! Which cap will move on into the semifinals? Will the new brown/gold cap prove its worth and completely overwhelm the longest used cap in the Padres catalog? Will the battle-hardened 2004 navy/white shock the bracket and overtake a #1 seed? You decide!

Place your vote before Sunday, April 3rd!

Thanks once again for your continued participation and votes!