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Skip Schumaker retires from baseball

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In what came as a shock to me, the Padres' official Twitter account just announced that Skip Schumaker has opted to retire. The eleven-year major league veteran was in Padres camp on a minor league deal and was vying for a spot on the big league team as a backup second baseman and outfielder as well as pinch-hitter, a role he excelled in last year with Cincinnati.

The reason this news came as quite a surprise to me was that I kind of figured he was bound to make the team even if he didn't do all that well in Spring Training games, since ever since camp broke all I'd been hearing was superlatives about Schumaker leading by example and having such a positive influence on younger players. Whether Schumaker still had a good shot of making the team, or if he was told that he wouldn't and that helped make his decision, has yet to be revealed, but I imagine we'll be hearing more details throughout the day.