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The Freaky Friar?

Rumors are gaining speed that the Padres and Tim Lincecum are in serious talks. Why is each side interested?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Lincecum has been rumored all over the place, all winter long.  He was slated to host a showcase in January.  That didn't happen. Then he was going to host a February showcase.  That didn't happen either.  Now it's March, and he's watched most of the available landing spots get snatched up by pitchers with healthy arms and hips.  Yesterday his agent, Rick Thurman, went on Mighty 1090 radio and stated that the Padres have been "very active" in talks with him about his shaggy-haired client.  We discussed this a while back.  Grant Brisbee, our colleague over at McCovey Chronicles, is so certain that this will happen that he thinks Giants fans need to get used to seeing Lincecum in a Padres uniform.

So what is it about Lincecum and the Padres that seem like such a likely fit?  Here's a short list of key points for the case:

  • He wants a starting job.  The back of the Padres rotation is very much up in the air.
  • The Padres aren't supposed to win much anyway, so they can be patient if he struggles a bit.
  • The Padres' pitching coach Darren Balsley has a long history of overhauled veterans returning to former success.
  • Apparently he wants to stay on the west coast.  Who wouldn't?  We have better beer and burritos.
  • Petco Park is still considered a "pitcher's park"
  • Lincecum could become quite valuable should he show a return to form.  I'm sure Preller loves that angle.
  • He can't no-hit the Padres while he plays for the Padres.
  • Padres fans can thumb their noses at the Giants when he throws a perfecto on them at Petco.

I recoiled at the thought of Matt Kemp in a Padre jersey.  Now I like the guy and want to see him carry the team.  I can't say I like the idea of Big Time Timmy Jim coming over from the dark side, but maybe I can get used to it once I see that "octopus impersonating a windmill" delivery racking up some filthy K's for the good guys.  It seems more and more likely each day.