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Cap Tournament: Selection Sunday

Selection Weekend continues! Next up are the modern caps!

The year 2016 holds special significance for Padres fans.

We're going to the World Series? Maybe.

Total teardown and 100 loss season? Calm down, now.

All-Star Game? Well, yeah.

We finally got a uniform change? Yes! Say hello to the sunshine!

Welcome to the second part of Selection Weekend! The second of our two-day extravaganza will change gears and look at the caps we're more used to seeing: the modern caps.

After the departure of the classic navy/white/orange, the Padres decided to take inspiration from one of San Diego's biggest tourist attractions: the beach. Navy and sand became the de-facto colorway of the Padres for 11 years, with sand being a major player until 2011 (much to Friar Fever's chagrin). The navy/white and shampoo logo stuck around until this year until the rumored new yellow cap was leaked by a certain collector. The Padres confirmed the colorway change and went a step further: the beloved brown is returning.

Here's the Modern Bracket. As with the Historic Bracket, your #1 cap will receive a bye and the 6th-seeded cap will face off against the secret Wild Card cap.

Let's get down to business. Here are the caps up for your rankings:

A. 2004 Cap - Navy/White

The longest-tenured primary cap in the Padres' catalog (the navy/white/orange eventually became a secondary), this cap marks the beginning of the serif interlocking SD. The navy crown and all white SD logo has been synonymous with San Diego baseball for over 10 years.

B. 2004 Alternate Cap - Navy/Gold/White

An alternate cap paired with an all-sand uniform, this cap puts the alternate sand color first in the interlocking SD. Mainly used as a road cap, this cap eventually faded away along with the sand in 2012.

C. 2007 Sunday Alternate - Forest Green/Sand

San Diego began honoring its military tradition with a unique cap to match its camouflaged uniforms. The first iteration of the cap was this forest green/sand version. This cap would eventually meet its update in...

D. 2011 Sunday Alternate - Olive/Sand

...this cap. A new cap was commissioned in order to match the new Sunday digital camouflage uniforms. This cap doesn't stray too far from the uniform color as it occupies the olive green/dark sand palette. Contrary to popular belief, this cap will still see action for a couple games this year along with a wordmark-updated version of the sand Sunday alternates.

E. 2016 All-Star Commemorative - Navy/White/Yellow

The long-awaited update to the Padres' headwear, this cap adds sunshine yellow to the navy/white palette. Accurate to the on-field version for this year, this cap includes the 2016 All-Star Game patch on the side.

F. 2016 Friday Alternate - Brown/Gold Split Panel

The return to brown arrives in this clean cap. Taking cues from the 1973 cap, this modern alternate marries both the classic split-panel design with the modern serif'd interlocking SD.

Much the same as yesterday's caps, choose your favorites from 1-6, from your absolute favorite to the biggest regret in modern Padres baseball. We'll compile the results and get the caps ready for combat!

You may be wondering...

  • So there's another WC in this bracket? Yep, just like in the Historic Bracket, the 6th seed here will face a Wild Card cap I've selected from Padres history. Maybe you know which one already. You'll find out for sure later!
  • I can seed these just like the Historic Bracket? Exactly. Use whichever you find easier using: the letter, the year of the cap, or the colorway. Post up your rankings in the comments and feel free to debate your picks!

Seeding closes on Friday, March 11th!

Thank you in advance for your support and participation! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the seeding pans out and the matchups they'll bring.