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Cap Tournament: Historic Round 2

It's gold vs. orange in a Historic Bracket showdown!

Baseball is almost here. In less than a week, the Padres will kick off their season with a homestand against the rival Dodgers. The long(ish) Spring Training season has raised questions and provided answers to our roster.

But which color pairs best with brown: gold or orange?

Welcome back to the Cap Tournament! It's time to match up two caps from Padres past.

Here's the results of the last match:

As expected by many, the new navy/yellow./white took the matchup by a large margin. It'll move on to the quarterfinals.

Let's check out the bracket so far:

The 1980 split-panel overcame and beat the '91 navy by just a few votes. I know this was an incredibly tough matchup, especially for the first round. Definitely a lesson for next year, to be sure.

Let's check out the caps for this match:

1969 Cap - Brown/Gold

The cap that started it all, this cap debuted with the Padres induction into Major League Baseball in 1969. It remains a popular cap due to its simplicity and clean looks. The first cap used by the MLB Padres failed to take top seed and barely ranked 2nd by just a few percentage points.

1985 Cap - Brown/Orange

Departing from the split-panel design and gold color used for 13 years, the Padres went back to a simple brown cap with an updated orange interlocking SD. Though a popular cap with some, voters were not kind enough to rank this cap in the upper seeds, ranking it 5th overall.

And now I leave this cap matchup to you, the voters! Which cap will move on to take on the upstart wild card? Is the classic brown/gold better than the brown/orange? Is the orange interlocking SD better than that old gold interlocking SD? Which color truly goes better with brown? You decide!

Make sure to place your vote before April 1st at 8PM!

Thanks as always for your vote and participation!