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The Padres are scouting Sandoval, but don't read too much into it

In fact, don't read anything into it.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Boston Globe reported that the Padres are scouting Pablo Sandoval. Now, if you're the type to leap to conclusions, or just a beat writer dying for a story as spring training reaches its interminable final week, you might assume that A.J. Preller is interested acquiring the third baseman. After all, Yangervis Solarte isn't exactly a top notch player at the hot corner.

But that's a preposterous idea. Sandoval played under replacement level in his first year with the Red Sox, and he's due nearly $60 million by 2020, at which point he'll be 33 years old. Preller would have to be insane to make that kind of move. And that's why he obviously has no desire to pick up the ursine player. Here's what he had to say about the rumor.

Especially in the offseason, we talk about scouts with a specific focus on trades and signings, because that's what's exciting when nobody is playing actual baseball. But that's only half of a scouting department's job; their other role is to check out the competition. It's important for a team to know their opponents' strengths and weakness, and Boston will be visiting Petco Park this year.

So there's no real story here. Just the Padres doing what literally every team does all the time.