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Padres 2016 Season Preview: The rest of the NL West

Will the Dodgers run away with the division this season? Will the Giants take advantage of the even year? Let's look at how the competition is stacking up in the rest of the division.

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We've provided a pretty comprehensive look at the 2016 Padres, but changes in San Diego are only a part of the equation you'll use when making your predictions and setting your expectations. So let's catch up with the rest of the National League West.

Arizona Diamondbacks

After years of hanging around the middle of the division, the Diamondbacks made the biggest moves of the offseason. They signed Zack Greinke to a huge contract and acquired Shelby Miller from the rebuilding Braves. That's a potent one-two punch at the top of their rotation, and that's not all they're working with. The Arizona offense is anchored by Paul Goldschmidt. The first baseman is one of the most dangerous sluggers in the game, and he's sure to vex Padres pitching all season long.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Ugh, these guys. Since Magic Johnson and his investors bought the team, the Dodgers have been a perennial powerhouse, dropping a Yankee-sized payroll on the NL West. With Greinke out of their rotation, the pitching staff is less dangerous, but they've still got the best pitcher in baseball at the top. Thankfully for San Diego, Clayton Kershaw can only pitch every five days. Former Padre Adrian Gonzalez is still a formidable slugger, and despite a sharp decline at the end of last season, Yasmani Grandal is still dangerous. The time to strike against LA will be in the first weeks of the season, as their spring has been plagued by injuries, with Andre Ethier among their biggest losses.

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San Francisco Giants

It's an even year, and even though superstitions are silly, that's reason enough to fear them. But they joined the Diamondbacks in seriously beefing up their starting pitching. After Giants starters put up middling numbers in 2016, the team went out and got Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija. Their lineup saw only minor changes for this season, which makes sense, as they led the league in batting average and on-base percentage in 2015.

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Colorado Rockies

This team is a disaster. Their pitching is awful, and they traded their best hitter last year. Even worse for Colorado, they gave up Troy Tulowitzki for Jose Reyes, who has some serious legal problems right now. The shortstop will appear in a Maui court on Opening Day to defend himself against charges that he abused his wife. Last month, MLB suspended him indefinitely with pay while they investigate the incident.

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Projected NL West standings and records

Team W-L
Fangraphs Dodgers 94-68
Giants 85-77
Diamondbacks 78-84
Padres 76-86
Rockies 74-88
USA Today Giants 90-72
Dodgers 88-74
Diamondbacks 86-76
Padres 73-89
Rockies 62-100
Baseball Prospectus Dodgers 92-70
Giants 84-78
Diamondbacks 79-83
Padres 74-88
Rockies 68-94

Nobody expects the Padres to do well this year, and it's easy to see why. The division is stacked with three serious contenders, one dumpster fire, and A.J. Preller's mid-rebuild squad. The team has to outperform expectations in a 2010-like fashion for playoffs to even be part of the picture. The real definition for success this year will be in the development of younger players.