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Padres 2016 Season Preview: Changes you'll see at Petco Park

The Padres' home will look a little different this coming season.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres made some significant changes to Petco Park during the offseason that may startle you at Fan Fest or Opening Day.  I don't want that to happen, so let's discuss them now, so you can emotionally prepare yourself.

New Signs

Petco Park

The main Petco Park sign was swapped out last week.  The new sign is using the Petco font which seems appropriate though I feel like the old sign was a little bit easier to read.  I sometimes forget that Petco Park is named after a pet supply store, now it will be easier to remember at least.  The Padres media team made a time lapse video of the sign going up, which didn't interest me as much as I thought it would.

The Sycuan Sign

The Padres did not make a time lapse video of the removal of the hallowed retired numbers to make way for the new Sycuan advertisement on top of the batter's eye.  We've been over this ad nauseum.  The Padres leadership wanted to sell the most prominent ad space in the ballpark and didn't mind pushing out the numbers that symbolize the team's greatest players in the process.

Originally the idea was to just paint the numbers on the upper deck facade in a place that no sponsor could possibly want but now the team has reacted to unfavorable reaction and decided to also put the physical numbers at the gate entrance so we can "interact" with them.  Only Padres employees and a few weirdos prefer the new Sycuan sign to the retired numbers, the rest of us hate it.

The Beach

The bleacher style Beacher seats are now gone from center field.  They've been replaced by The Beach sponsored by Sun Diego.  It's supposed to have the look and feel of a pier, which makes me wonder why it's not called The Pier..  It looks like it'll be mostly used for corporate events and such.  It has 60 seats and has space for 600 people to stand.  Supposedly it won't obstruct the view from the Park at the Park.  The sand pit has moved behind it, which I'm sure will make the dogs and stray cats that use the Park at the Park as a toilet really happy..

Mike Dee tweeted out a picture of the view from The Beach.  Bring your binoculars corporate event people.


I haven't heard too much of interest about new foods or shops at Petco Park.  If you're into yogurt though...

For all you beer nerds, there's a new brew waiting for you.  That price sounds too cheap for the ballpark so follow the standard formula and multiply it by 4 and add $2 and you'll likely be in the neighborhood.

Monkey Paw Brewing - San Diego, CA

We at Monkey Paw will introduce a new 16th & F series entitled "Beat L.A. IPA" which will be citrusy, tropical, dry, and refreshing. This beer will be on special for only $3.50.

Also, a Board & Brew is rumored to be going in.  It's mostly sandwiches from what I can tell, but I've never been to the Pacific Beach location.  Sounds like it's worth checking out.  I love a good sammich.

Volunteer Touch Ups

The Padres Volunteer team clothed in their fluorescent yellow SD t-shirts took a break from beach clean ups and have been touching up the paint in the surrounding neighborhood. That's the kind of thing that may go unnoticed but is worth mentioning. Be on the look out.

Hall of Fame

The Padres are supposedly going to open their new Hall of Fame sometime before the All-Star Game. The only descriptions are very vague right now.

The Hall of Fame will showcase the 11 Padres figures enshrined in the Padres Hall of Fame, in addition to presenting a timeline of events, artifacts and awards from the Padres' first 47 National League seasons. The history of baseball in San Diego also will be highlighted as part of the project.

I wonder if they have a naming sponsor yet.

LED lights

The Padres installed LED lights over the winter that allow the team to save some money on energy costs while at the same time inducing seizures in fans with strobe effects.


The netting behind home plate has also been replaced with less noticeable and safer netting.

Padres announce Petco Park upgrades, including social space in right-center |

New backstop netting will be installed behind home plate. Manufactured by Promats Athletics, the new netting is designed to minimize appearance and provide a more optimal viewing experience, while maintaining safety standards. The netting will be expanded in width based on recommendations to be determined by Major League Baseball.

Home Plate Seats

All 222 seats behind home plate are also being replaced.  The fat cats that use those seats have crushed the cushioning.  The floor in that area is also being resurfaced and the hand rails being painted.

Is there anything I've missed?