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Cap Tournament: Modern Round 2

Another big matchup! Yellow vs. Sand!

Welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Cap Tournament! I'm really excited for this next matchup, as it sort of personifies the old vs. the new. A fresh secondary color vs. the classic accent color. Which caps am I talking about? Well, let's check out the Modern Bracket standings:

This particular matchup will decide which cap will face off against the 2007 Sunday Alternate in the Modern quarterfinals. Let's check out our contestants for what should be a great matchup:

2016 All-Star Commemorative - Navy/White/Yellow

The long-awaited update to the Padres' headwear, this cap adds sunshine yellow to the navy/white palette. Accurate to the on-field version for this year, this cap includes the 2016 All-Star Game patch on the side. This cap had a strong showing in the polls though was the worse of the newest Padres caps, placing 2nd overall.

And the challenger:

2004 Alternate Cap - Navy/Gold(Sand)/White

An alternate cap paired with an all-sand uniform, this cap puts the alternate sand color first in the interlocking SD. Mainly used as a road cap, this cap eventually faded away along with the sand in 2012. The navy/sand colorway did not gain much traction with voters, earning a 5th seed.

So which cap will move on in the tournament? Will the new yellow hotness beat the old busted-up sand joint? Will sand enjoy a resurgence and upset the newest colorway? You decide the outcome!

As always, place your vote below. Polls close up on Monday, March 28th at 8PM, so get your votes in before then!

Thanks in advance for your votes and participation!