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CT: The Recount

So. about this last matchup...

I'm not really sure where to start. Honestly, I'm thankful that many of you are taking the time to vote for your favorite cap in this Cap Tournament. I'm truly glad to see the passion many of you have for our Padres caps and for wanting the truest result in voting for these caps in this tournament.

It was made very apparent to me in the last round (other than it was a really tough matchup to vote for as a beginning round) that the voting may not have been as honest as it should have been. Indeed, this round in particular yielded the most votes of any other round by far, and such a deluge of votes pointed to a possible manipulation of the polls. Such an event was completely unforeseen by myself. I'd like to try and rectify this for you, and I can only conclude that the cleanest way to yield an honest result is to run a recount of votes via comment.

I've wrestled with this decision for a fair amount of time after the voting closed. If you've voted via Twitter and are not a member of Gaslamp Ball, I highly encourage you to join our community and make your vote heard. If you choose not to, I completely understand and ask for your understanding in return. I will continue to otherwise run the tournament as it has been running: with an open poll and vote system.

I humbly ask that if you vote via our open poll, that you vote once and only once.

With that, here are the caps once again up for your voting:

A. 1991 Cap - Navy/White/Orange

Brown met its end in the last decade of the 1900s. The new Padres colorway featured navy, white, and orange in a combination that saw the Padres host their second All-Star Game and play in their second World Series. This cap went on to be the longest-used in the Padres' history (9 years as a primary, 12 years overall). This cap just missed out on a second seed, conceding to the 3rd overall seed by just a few percentage points.

B. 1980 Cap - Brown/Gold/Orange Split Panel

Tony Gwynn donned this cap in his MLB debut. This update on the split-panel design added orange piping and accents to the classic Padres design. This cap saw use in the Padres' first World Series appearance. While not the most popular split-panel choice, this cap had a fair showing in the overall seeding with a 4th seed placement.

Please place your vote in the comments below. I'll cut off the votes at the same time the second Modern Round ends: March 28th at 8 PM.

I hope you'll continue to participate in our Cap Tournament in the next rounds, and I truly thank you in advance for your understanding.