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Jon Jay wears Tony Gwynn themed socks

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports San Diego's Dick Enberg interviewed Padres outfielder Jon Jay during the Spring Training game a couple nights ago about wearing Tony Gwynn themed socks.  Jay says he grew up watching and admiring Tony Gwynn as a kid and how he tried to replicate his hits through the 5.5 hole.  Jay wore #19 in St. Louis for many years and happily changed his number to 24 since Gwynn's is retired in San Diego.

You have your choice of two different Tony Gwynn socks at Stance's website for $16 each.  You've got the old school and new school versions of Tony.  I also really like the Swinging Friar socks.  I purchased a pair of Stance socks at the Padres store in 1998 themed colors and I've enjoyed wearing them.

If you get all three pairs, some cut off Dickies, a wallet chain and a handle bar mustache you can be twins with Rick from RJ's Fro.