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Cap Tournament: Historic Round 1

It's time for the first ranked Historic Bracket matchup!

So how about those last couple Spring Training games for our Padres? It's always nice to see the squad pull together a few wins, especially one against the hated Dodgers.

Welcome back to the Cap Tournament!

Sorry for not getting this up a day earlier. I had a case of the Mondays. Doctor said it should go away as the week goes on.

Let's check out the results of the last round, shall we?

The 2004 Home Navy/White wins handily. It'll go on to face its toughest competitor in the next round.

We'll go back to the Historic Bracket for this matchup. Here's where we stand so far:

I'm really excited for this particular contest, considering I may have a horse in this particular race (but I'm no Charlie Hustle). Let's check out the caps up for judgement:

1991 Cap - Navy/White/Orange

Brown met its end in the last decade of the 1900s. The new Padres colorway featured navy, white, and orange in a combination that saw the Padres host their second All-Star Game and play in their second World Series. This cap went on to be the longest-used in the Padres' history (9 years as a primary, 12 years overall). This cap just missed out on a second seed, conceding to the 3rd overall seed by just a few percentage points.

1980 Cap - Brown/Gold/Orange Split Panel

Tony Gwynn donned this cap in his MLB debut. This update on the split-panel design added orange piping and accents to the classic Padres design. This cap saw use in the Padres' first World Series appearance. While not the most popular split-panel choice, this cap had a fair showing in the overall seeding with a 4th seed placement.

I now leave it up to you, the voters! Once again, choose your favorite cap of the two! Which cap will see the second round? Will the navy/white/orange overcome over the lesser of the split-panels? Will the cap Tony Gwynn wore his rookie season beat the cap he wore during his prime years? You decide!

Place your votes before Thursday, March 24th at 8 PM!

Thank you in advance for your votes! Can't wait to see how this one turns out!