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Cap Tournament: Modern Round 1

The wild card rounds have been decided! Let's get into the ranked cap matchups!

Another Padres Spring Training game, another loss for the good guys. Good thing it's still Spring Training, right?


Anyway, welcome back to Gaslamp Ball's Cap Tournament! Let's check out the results of the last round.

Well. That was a surprise runaway for the vitriolic Wild Card PCL cap. I know this selection caught a fair amount of flak from voters of the brown/gold and general Padres fans alike who don't believe the red S is representative of San Diego.

My reasoning for including such a cap is as follows: it's relatively fresh on most of your collective minds, since it was last used a few years ago. That, and no other version of the PCL caps are truly available at this time. Simply put, I didn't want to resort to stock photos of hats that no one could obtain for themselves. Finding such a stock photo is a challenge in and of itself. We'll see how it does next round against some stiffer competition.

This next round jumps back over to the Modern Bracket. Here's what it looks like so far:

This round looks to be pretty intriguing. Let's take a closer look at the caps up for judgement.

2004 Home - Navy/White

The longest-tenured primary cap in the Padres' catalog (the navy/white/orange eventually became a secondary), this cap marks the beginning of the serif interlocking SD. The navy crown and all white SD logo has been synonymous with San Diego baseball for over 10 years. This cap had a good showing among voters, placing 3rd overall in the Modern Bracket.

2011 Sunday Alternate - Olive/Sand

This new cap was commissioned in order to match the new Sunday digital camouflage uniforms. This cap doesn't stray too far from the uniform color as it occupies the olive green/dark sand palette. Contrary to popular belief, this cap will still see action for a couple games this year along with a wordmark-updated version of the sand Sunday alternates. The better voted of the Sunday alternates also did fine, placing two spots above its predecessor and 4th overall.

This battle between 3rd and 4th seeds is up to you, the voter! Will the longest-tenured cap our Padres have ever used overtake the drab olive Sunday cap? Will the lesser-seeded Sunday alternate upend the long-considered dull and bland navy/white? You decide! Vote below and as always, make your case in the comments!

Get those votes in before Sunday, March 20th at 8 PM!

Thanks in advance for your vote and participation!