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Padres retired numbers being moved to make way for sponsorship signage on batter's eye

 Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Want to see a rendering of the Padres retired numbers "painted in a more prominent location on the upper deck facade behind home plate"?

painted retired numbers

Can you see them?  Look closer.  Still no?  Not so prominent huh? Weird.

As for the current numbers, there was no mention of them in previous press releases or comments, so it seems the Padres have pivoted and found a place for them in the Home Plate Plaza after the negative reaction to their first plan.  They were removed earlier this week.

Padres retired numbers moving, but not retiring " Friar Wire

The physical retired numbers have been removed from the roof of the Batter’s Eye and will soon be taken off site to be restored. Following their restoration, the numbers will be placed on display at spots throughout Home Plate Plaza on the court adjacent to the water wall.

It's cool to be able to approach them and get all up in their business, but the thing that still irks me is the reason for the move and demotion.  It's not because fans asked for it like President Mike Dee said.

As I predicted the real reason the retired numbers were moved was because of corporate greed.

The Padres today confirmed a corporate partnership is in the works that would include signage on top of the Batter’s Eye.

Author of the article, Bill Center, admits today after 12 years that he never liked them atop the Batter's Eye, which I guess is good for him since he's now a Padres employee and he wouldn't be able to say if he did anyway.  He'd much rather see an advertisement up there, because who wouldn't?

Well, it's better than having them go to the scrap heap and worse than them staying in place.  I guess we just have to move on and await Padres President Mike Dee's next terrible idea that will infuriate us.

UPDATE: It looks like Sycuan is the sponsor.  For shame.

Ugh. It is Sycuan.

Padres and Sycuan Casino extend long-term partnership |

New in 2016, Sycuan's presence at Petco Park will be more visible with the addition of a channel-cut sign atop the Batter's Eye in center field.