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Ali Larter has joined the cast of "Pitch" about female Padres pitcher

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

We've told you about how Fox is shooting a pilot for a one hour drama about the MLB's first female pitcher and her team, the Padres.  It's called Pitch.  Shooting started yesterday and continues at Petco Park.  We're getting more and more news as it happens.  First it has cameos from real life media types.  Ken Rosenthal plays an interesting character.

The next news we learned yesterday was that Ali Larter has also joined the cast playing a character named Amelia Slater.

You too can join the cast by following @FoxPitchExtras.

Here's the roles they have available for Friday:

Please leave message at (858) 384-1140 if you fit a role listed below and available to work all day. Speak slowly and clearly with your name, union status, phone number, and the role you fit. You can also submit via email with same info and a current photo to


- Male Security Types with business suit, clean cut

- Male/Female Padres Executives with business wardrobe, professional looking

- Male/Female Network Reporters with business wardrobe, professional looking

- Male TV Cameraman

- Male/Female Stills Photographers

- Male/Female Print Media Types with business wardrobe and upscale casual wardrobe (will be used again later as Padres Owner's Guests)

- Male/Female additional press with casual business wardrobe

I'd be real good for the part of the Male still photographer who takes a bit few too many pictures of Ali Larter.  I could also play any role where casual business wardrobe is required.  They don't say it here, but I suspect Padres Executive roles will go first to Boston actors, to make it more realistic.